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Market Watch

Market watch module projects real-time market data - market quotes, volume and some statistical information for selected group of instruments.

Predefined Columns

User may view as many as 60 predefined columns to load different information. It shows instrument, bid, ask, last price, volume and time. User can choose to show instrument spread and sparkline. Besides standard information its possible to show open, high, low, close, volume, points and percent changes, also range for different time period such as daily, weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months, year or all time.    

Custom Columns

Besides predefined columns user can create own columns where he sets own column type and further customizes what is shown in the column. User can base column on open, high, low, close, change in percent or points, range, volume or even indicator. User can also select custom timeframe and period. This way it’s easy to setup any combination of price and timeframe. We can easily setup column range for week timeframe and 3 period which would show instrument range for the past 3 weeks.

Besides standard price information such as open, high, low close it’s even possible to calculate indicator value. We can then choose the indicator, select timeframe, period and it will show current indicator value on that timeframe. This way we can calculate f.e. 200 Moving Average on daily chart and show this value in market watch.

Conditional Alerts

Some traders watch some important price levels such as All Time High or Daily Open. During the day it’s pretty hard to monitor price of too many instruments. We allow to setup conditions and once this condition is met it will send alert to trader that condition was met. We can set different alerts f.e. send alert when current market price crosses above all time high price or current market price crosses above 200 Moving Average on Daily timeframe. This way trader can stay alerted and informed about the biggest market moves and he can promptly react.

Search & Add Instruments

To quickly add new instrument, user can search for any instrument that is supported by provider. Search will return instruments as it’s typed, the instrument can be selected and added to current instrument list to market watch. Search also shows information about the instrument.

Instrument Lists

User can create own instrument lists so he can quickly change them and load different sets of instruments in market watch. Once created it’s as easy to switch instruments as to change the list name in properties. The lists can be edited, deleted or duplicated for faster editing. Once instrument list is created, user can also quickly check/uncheck the instruments he wants to see.

Different Sorting Options

User can show between different viewing options. Market Watch can be shown as grouped tree list of instruments, regular list or sorted according to gainers and losers. Grouped tree list will sort instruments according to instrument groups. User can choose if he wants to show or hide predefined or custom instrument groups. Regular, plain list will sort instrument list alphabetically. Gainers/Losers sorting sorts the instruments based on customizable parameters. We can choose how is gaining or loosing instrument detected and we can choose between bid, ask, last price or change as basis for gaining/loosing instrument determination.    

Trading from Market Watch

Market watch can be also used to open a quick trade for any instrument listed. Trader can define trading quantity to set size of trade and all that needs to be done is to push buy or sell button to place immediate market order and open long or short trade.


Module can be customized according to user preference and we can choose how we want to paint gaining or losing rows text or cells. We can customize each column and select specific color for specific column text and column cell. This way we can color market watch the way we want for easy distinguishment of different price parameters.

Quick Menu

By right-clicking on any instrument we can open order ticket to place order or open chart and panels. Command such as Open Quick Chart is specifically convenient because it allows to open trading chart very fast without having to set additional parameters. Instead these can be set in settings where we set predefined setting for quick chart.


All settings can be adjusted in easily accessible Properties panel.

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